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Universal Workshop Cleaner W2


An alkaline aqueous solution, non-flammable and capable of biological breakdown in effluent, treatment plant. Powerful cleaning action, contains no mineral oils.

How to use:
Apply with a spray gun, brush, sprinkler can or automatic cleaning machine.
Allow to penetrate for a short time, then rinse off with water. Only use very briefly on highly polished non-ferrous metal surfaces.

Proportions for diluting with water:
  • 1:10 to 1:20: Workshop floor, benches and tools,
    machine elements, engines and gearboxes.
  • 1:30 to 1:40: Sinks, tiles, other floors.
  • 1:50 to 1:80: Office furniture.
  • 1:100 app.: Workshop windows.


FIR No. SpecNo Material Safety Data Sheet
188570 ---

Finis Code Part Number Packaging  
1 770 442 A94SX 715820 BA 30 l
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