Ford Chemical Product Catalog

Cleaning Kit for Vehicle Interior


Consisting of the Ford "Clean Refresh" Interior Cleaner, "Easy Protect" Dashboard Care, "Clear View" Glass Cleaner, the Interior Cleaning Kit ensures your customers have a comprehensive cleaning solution for every interior surface. Complete with a plush microfibre cloth and a sponge, all neatly packed in a sleek black branded Ford kit bag, this is the ultimate solution in automotive care for those who demand nothing but the best.


Finis Code Part Number
2 753 112 PU7J 19G469 AA

Commercial Product Name FIR No. Finis Code Part Number Packaging  
Interior Cleaner - Clean Refresh 511267 2 753 118 PU7J 19526 AA 500 ml  
Dashboard Care - Easy Protect 511268 2 753 120 PU7J 19H202 AA 500 ml  
Glass Cleaner - Clear View 511262 2 754 502 PU7J 3633161 AA 500 ml  
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