Ford Chemical Product Catalog

Brake Fluid Dot 4 LV High Performance


Specially developed for vehicles with electronic ESP/DSC - driving stability systems. The fluid is characterized by an extreme low temperature viscosity, whereby a faster responding time of approx. 30% of the individual brake discs at low temperatures is guaranteed. She exceeds the strong requirements of the standard ISO 4925, Class 6.
Meets Ford's requirements according to specification WSS-M6C65-A2
Effected carlines see ETIS/ECAT


FIR No. SpecNo Material Safety Data Sheet
189224 WSS-M6C65-A2

Finis Code Part Number Packaging  
1 847 946 BU7J M6C65 B1B 500 ml
1 847 947 BU7J M6C65 C1B 1 l
1 847 948 BU7J M6C65 D1B 5 l
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