Ford Chemical Product Catalog

Metal Adhesive Kit H – 2 Component


Solvent free, two component adhesive, based on epoxy resins. It is mainly used in car repair for structural bonding of metals when requirements in terms of crash behaviors are high (e.g., car body steel with or without e-coat, galvanized steel and aluminum).


Finis Code Part Number
1 947 915 FU7J M11P47 AA

Commercial Product Name FIR No. Finis Code Part Number Packaging  
Cleaner T-P 155483 - 99SX M2G342 CA 10 ml  
Metal Adhesive H Component A 193355 - FU7J M2G400 AA 130 ml  
Metal Adhesive H Component B 193356 - FU7J M2G400 BA 65 ml  
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