Ford Chemical Product Catalog

Windscreen Adhesive Kit – 2 Component H2


2-component polyurethane window adhesive for replacing vehicle windows on cars and trucks. The adhesive reacts regardless of weather conditions. The product has a long processing time of approx. 30 minutes and must be pre-heated before being processed. The tested safe drive away time according to the increased EU crash safety is 2 hours.


Finis Code Part Number
2 053 962 FU7J T03863 EB

Commercial Product Name FIR No. Finis Code Part Number Packaging  
Cleaner T-P 155483 - 99SX M2G342 CA 10 ml  
Adhesive H-PU2 183164 - 9U7J M2G322 AA 310 ml  
Hardener H 183190 - 9U7J M2G322 BA 4.3 ml  
Primer All-in-One 195158 - FU7J M2G314 AA 10 ml  
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