Ford Chemical Product Catalog

Windscreen Adhesive Kit - 1 Component H1-400


1-component window adhesive kit for gluing front, rear and side windows into the body of motor vehicles. The product is suitable for all applications, which require high electrical insulation of the window adhesive. The tested safe drive away time according to the FMVSS crash test is 1 hour.


Finis Code Part Number
2 053 960 FU7J T03863 CB

Commercial Product Name FIR No. Finis Code Part Number Packaging  
Cleaner T-P 155483 - 99SX M2G342 CA 10 ml  
Primer All-in-One 195158 - FU7J M2G314 AA 10 ml  
Adhesive H-PU1 195087 - FU7J M2G316 BA 400 ml  
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