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Flange Sealant - Anaerobic LR-2


The product cures in the absence of air between close fitting metal surfaces. After curing the product forms a solvent/chemical resistant gasket. For medium temperature (up to 150 °C) applications. Use on rigid flanges with less than 0.5 mm gap. Seals upon assembly, no waiting required. Adhers well to aluminum, iron, steel and magnesium. May be used on automatic/manual transaxle cases, gear shift housings, dipstick tubes, water pumps and engine flanges. Easy disassembly and cleaning.
Meets Ford's requirements according to specification WSK-M2G348-A5


FIR No. SpecNo Material Safety Data Sheet
199752 WSK-M2G348-A5

Finis Code Part Number Packaging  
2 288 303 2U7J M2G348 BA 65 ml
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