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Flange Sealant - Anaerobic LP-IMP


Highly flexible sealant which cures when confined in the absence of air between close-fitting metal surfaces. It is designed for use on rigid metal flanged connections, particularly where minor oil contamination of the flange surfaces can occur. The product is particularly suitable for use on aluminium substrates where very good adhesion is needed. It ensures an instant, low-pressure seal. For sealing rigid flange faces on transmissions and engine casings. Use on rigid flanges with less than 0.13 mm gap
Meets Ford's requirements according to specification WSS-M2G348-A11


FIR No. SpecNo Material Safety Data Sheet
183588 WSS-M2G348-A11

Finis Code Part Number Packaging  
1 761 780 BU7J M2G348 AA 50 ml
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