Ford Chemical Product Catalog

Silicone Sealant LB-2


Silicone-based gasketing product suitable for various substrates. Good resistance to oil and joint movement. Typical applications include stamped sheet metal covers (timing covers and oil sumps). It exhibits a rapid skin-over time of 15 min and is suitable for gaps up to 1 mm.
Meets Ford's requirements according to specification WSE-M4G323-A6
A new sealer gun is required to apply the sealant, as it has a higher viscosity. The special tool 303-1668 is a manual dosage pistol, which has been designed to manually apply sealants in a 50 ml disposable cartridge.


FIR No. SpecNo Material Safety Data Sheet
140303 WSE-M4G323-A6

Finis Code Part Number Packaging  
2 190 442 HU7J M4G323 AA 50 ml
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